Dear Uncle & Aunties,

We, the children of Janaseva Sisubhavan were victims of poverty,illness, forced labor,begging etc. Now, we are living with heavenly happiness under the roof of Janaseva Sisubhavan. It is because of the mercy poured by the kind hearted Aunties and Uncles, who rescued us from the sufferings of the street. But it is pity that still thousands of children are in streets struggling for one time meal and a place to sleep. To rescue the remaining street children,Janaseva Sisubhavan need the support and co-operation of the kind hearted people like you.

"The world is our lineage; All men are equal; It is our duty to help those who are suffering". This is our slogan. We live here by loving each other and giving equal respect to all religion.

Our main objective is to get India free from child begging & child labor. We invite all of you to visit Janaseva Sisubhavan and spend some happy moments with us.

Lots of love
Children of Janseva Sisubhavan



Manjumata , whose left leg from thigh to foot was burnt with acid,oozing pus from the acid burns, was found begging in Ankamaly roadside by some headload workers.On receiving the information about the child from the headload workers janaseva officials reached Ankamaly and rescued the girl with the help of police.One tamilian,who claimed the parentage of Manjumata,objected to take away the child,but when the police interfered,he run away leaving the child.Manju was not in a position to stand or stretch her left leg.For months she was not getting medical treatment for acid burns.Janaseva authorities got her admitted in Anwar Hospital and had officially taken charge of her.

Delighted Manjumatha


Today Manjumata is a smart girl studying in UKG class at Janaseva English Medium School and she is one of the best performers in the dance Troop of Janaseva Sisubhavan.



Even after decades of independence, there are thousands of children in indian streets, who are victims of poverty, illness, forced labor and begging. With the objective to build up a nation where there are no street children, we have inroduced Janaseva Heritage Scheme.

Our project is to provide basic education to the street children in our Janaseva English Medium School and then send them for further education at other English Medium Schools, which have boarding facilities by getting them sponsorship from the broad minded citizens.

For the successful introduction of Janaseva Heritage Scheme, we invite all compassionate people to come forward and join hands with us in this humanitarian mission by sponsoring a child for Rs.10,000/- per year. You may treat the child you sponsor as your own child and you can contact him/her whenever you wish to meet. With your support he/she can grow as a responsible citizen of the country.


Janaseva Sisubhavan rescued five children namely Dharma, Shiva Kasturi, Selvi &


Subhashini, who were being forcibly exploited by a street circus group for begging and showing dangerous acrobatic programmes. These children are hailing from Andhra Pradesh and had never attended a school.

Janaseva Sisubhavan had already rescued 25 children from the clutches of various street circus groups. Now they are studying in Janaseva English Medium School.


Dharma,Shiva,Selvi,Subhashini,and Kasturi,who are being rescued from street circus group,are now going to Janaseva English Medium School.



Velmurukan, who hails from Seethannnoor in Tamil Nadu,is one of the worst effected victims of beggar mafia. His father and mother died when he was too young. After the death of his parents he was staying with one of his relatives.

When he was about 9 years old, his custodian sold him to one beggar mafia leader namely Dharamraj, who brought him to Aluva and engaged him for begging in the Aluva Railway Station. He was supposed to collect minimum Rs.100/- per day. One day he chould not complete the fixed target of Rs.100/-. When Dharamraj came to know about the collection of that day, he started beating Velmurukan and in the night Dharamraj poured petrol over Velmurukan and lightened a match stick and threw it on his body and left him over there. 2-3 local pople informed Janaseva Sisubhavan about the incident.

When the Social Workers of Janaseva reached the site of incident, Velmurukan was squirming in pain and battling for life. Immediately Janaseva authorities got admitted him in Medical Trust Hospital for treatment and had officially taken charge of him.


  Now Velmurukan is very smart and leader among his friends in Janseva Sisubhavan. He is a very active participant of cultural programs, sports and games. Now he is studying in 5th standard.

Velmurukan studying chenda melam





Mr.Hormis Tharakan Hon'ble DGP with Aradhana,an inmate of Janaseva Sisubhavan
DGP, Mr.Hormis Tharakan made it clear that the Govt.would take stringent measures to stop child begging.He expressed his opinion during his visit to Janaseva Sisubhavan,
to personally enquire about the street children, who were rescued from the street and protected by Janaseva Sisubhavan authorities. Jose Mavely President of Janaseva and the children of Sisubhavan extended a warm welcome to the DGP and his wife Moli,who also accompanied him. He was dismayed on hearing the pathetic
story of Velmurugan, Manjumatha and Aradhana, who have been rescued from the clutches of beggar Mafia.The DGP directed the concerned officials to take necessary action to stop bringing children from other states with the help of Police officials of T.N., A.P.and Karnataka.

In reply to the memorandum given by Jose Maveli,DGP assured that the Govt.would establish Juvenile police units within no time.

Other concerned Police Officials also accompanied the DGP.


Please Help Our Children
Rs.500   Milk for one day
Rs.1000   Annual Education for one child
Rs.1500   Break fast
Rs.2500   Noon meal Veg.
Rs.3000   Annual Sponsorship for one child
Rs.3500   Noon meal Non Veg.
Rs.4000   Noon meal with Payasam
Rs.5000   Food for one day
Rs.10000   Sponsorship of one child upto Std 1V
Rs.25000   Life Membership
Rs.50000 Sponsorship of one child upto SSLC

N.B : Kindly send the donations in favour of "Janaseva Sisubhvan"


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